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R. Preston Chew's Battery, ANV
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"...there was not an officer in the army of his rank, who stood higher in the estimation of our higher officers, in point of courage, military ability and enterprise than he, and there was no one of greater popularity and influence among our generals, or one who commanded greater respect or inspired greater confidence among the fighting men than Chew, and I regard him as one of the very best artillery officers I ever knew, and indeed, one of the very best officers of his rank in the Confederate Army." - Thomas Rosser, in a letter to Mr. Thornton Perry after the war.  Source, "They Followed The Plume", Robert J. Trout, page 81

Chew's Battery Muster Roll
Name Rank

N-SSA Competitor #

Mike Linton Commander 06637V
Harry Linton Deputy Commander/Adjutant 05509V
Jonathan Wolf Quartermaster 10797V
Nancy J. Bull Ordnance Officer 10195V
Bob Linton Jr. Cannoneer 05526V
Jim Wimbish Cannoneer 09847V
Robert Linton Cannoneer - Inactive 11640
Sarah Jo Hartzell Cannoneer 11976
Tammy Nicodemus Cannoneer 9584V
Lance Geffre Cannoneer 12201
Jennifer Geffre Cannoneer 12288
Mark Pedersen Cannoneer 11471
Katie Warner Cannoneer 12754
Kristin Caire Cannoneer 10111V
Tom Magno Cannoneer  
John "Jeb" Barnhill Cannoneer  
Robert Linton Sr. In Memorium (or as Harry says, "Veteran - Retired" 04444V


"Young and handsome, a superb horseman, always cool and self-possessed, he was the beau ideal of a Battery commander, and later as the commander of a Battalion of Horse Artillery.  He was a most companionable, agreeable comrade in camp and as dashing a dare-devil in battle as ever drew a sword. I can scarcely find words to express my admiration and regard for Col. Chew as a soldier and man." - M.C. Butler, in a letter to Thornton T. Perry after the war.  Source, "They Followed The Plume", Robert J. Trout, page 84



2011 Campaign
Skirmish Location Dates
Snowball Ft. Shenandoah January 2011
Early Bird Ft. Shenandoah March 2011
Potomac Regional Ft. Shenandoah April 2011
Chesapeake Regional Ft. Shenandoah April 2011
Central Virginia Regional Ft. Shenandoah May 2011
123rd National Skirmish Ft. Shenandoah May 2011
Cockade Rifles Ft. Shenandoah June 2011
Mason-Dixon Ft. Shenandoah June 2011
McNeils Rangers Ft. Shenandoah July 2011       (Chew's Btty Co-Hosting)
Veterans Ft. Shenandoah July 2011
Allegheny Regional Ft. Shenandoah August 2011
Gator Skirmish Ft. Shenandoah August 2011
Potomac Regional Ft. Shenandoah September 2011
124th National Skirmish Ft. Shenandoah October 2011
Bedford Skirmish Ft. Shenandoah October 2011
Halloween Skirmish Ft. Shenandoah October 2011