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Annemarie Bull's Quote Page

"Trust us... You'll love this..."

Meet Annemarie Bull.  Annemarie is the 15 year old daughter of one of our team members.  She is extremely, how you say in English... GULLIBLE, and she has a knack for saying things that make you shake your head in disbelief.  In fact, she may be the Yogi Berra of her generation.  Just when you think there's no way she can top herself, she does.  We thought it was time to share some of her comments with the world.  We'll include lots of quotes and stories about Annemarie, and will update this page frequently, as she provides almost daily fodder for this page.  Annemarie... this page is a tribute to you and to the entertainment you provide for the team.



(Actually, that's Hilary Duff... Annemarie's idol.)


I'll start with a story from fall 2003, because this is what really started us on the path to this page...

Annemarie, her mom, another teammate and I were all riding in my truck on the way to or from dinner (I don't remember which), when Annemarie noticed the digital compass/clock built into the roof of the cab.  She began playing with the button that changes the display from Fahrenheit to Celsius.  When set to Celsius, a little "C" appears next to the temp.  This prompted Annemarie to ask "What does the "C" stand for?  Without missing a beat, I told her that it was displaying the temperature in Canada.  Now, those of you who know Annemarie won't be surprised that she bought this hook, line, and sinker. She started asking why we'd want to know the temp in Canada (because they sell Ford's there, too, was the reply), and how did it know the temp in Canada (satellites), etc.  Good thing she's a sweetheart! 

It was this story that prompted us to say "We really should be writing this stuff down!"  Just wanted you to know what we're dealing with here before we go any further.  Now, on to the quotes...


Spring Potomac Skirmish - 2005

While sitting around the campfire - "What moon is that?"  <insert team laughter here> "No - I mean what trimester is it in?" <insert uncontrolled team laughter here>

Chesapeake Skirmish - 2005

While working in the stat shack Annemarie was trying to post something on one of the cork bulletin boards with a thumb tack and said "These boards aren't tacky enough."  <insert team laughter here>

While talking about something or other, she mentioned that she received an "A" in English.  No lie... thirty seconds later in response to some comment, she said "I have a job... you know... J-O-B-E!"  <insert team laughter here>


Early Bird Skirmish - 2006

"Stop!  I'm trying to think."   Sorry Annemarie, we thought we smelled smoke.


While inserting herself into a conversation about a hunt one of the team member's relatives was going on in North Carolina in the fall...

Annemarie:  "What do you hunt in North Carolina?"

Jon:  "Chickens"

Annemarie: "Really?"

Jon: "Yeah, free-range chickens."

Annemarie:  "Cool!"

You gotta love her.  She'll believe anything.


Spring National - 2006

Annemarie's mom, Nancy, was changing a propane tank on her trailer, and was having difficulty getting the line reconnected to the new tank.

Jon and Harry, in unison: "Nancy... remember that gas lines have a left-handed thread."

Annemarie, walking back from trying to help her mom: "I know!  I told her to let me try cause I'm left handed." 

That might be the best Annemarie quote ever!!


Chesapeake Regional - 2007

Annemarie didn't come to this shoot because she was babysitting Saturday night.  So, we called her to give her a hard time.  During the course of the conversation, one of us made a smart-a** comment that she didn't hear, to which she replied "What?"  The rest of the conversation is paraphrased below...

Jon:  (Dodging the question) I said your hair looks nice.

AM:  You can see my hair?

Jon:  Yeah, I'm on a camera phone.

AM:  Really?  You can see me?

Jon:  Yes, I can really see you.

AM:  Wow!  I didn't know they could do that.

Like I said, you gotta love her.  She'll believe ANYTHING!


Spring National - 2007

"I'm probably going to get pee-neumonia." - Annemarie, discussing how she'd get pneumonia from being in the rain all day.  Yes, she pronounced the "p".


Discussing her prom...

AnneMarie:  "Guess what.  I went tanning before the prom."

Team member who shall remain nameless:  "Oh yeah, prom.  So... how does your mom feel about being a grandmother in 9 months?"

Annemarie:  "They don't let you tan when your pregnant."

I think she missed the joke.

...and, the best one...

Annemarie:  "You're going to miss me when I'm gone."

Jon:  "Where are you going?"

AM:  "I want to go to school in California."

Jon:  "Which school?"


I wonder if that stands for University of No Clue?


Check back for more quotes as the skirmish season progresses.....



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