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R. Preston Chew's Battery, ANV
Photo Gallery
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Original Members of Chew's Battery, etc. (Photo of McVicar, and the image of the Battle of Middletown were taken from A History of the Laurel Brigade, Olde Soldier Press, Gaithersburg, MD.)

R. P. Chew Lt. E.L. Yancey R.P. Chew after the war Another of R. P. Chew after the war
Charles McVicar after the war R.P. Chew's Final Resting Place Another marker

<== Ashby's Charge at Middletown - This battle was significant in that it was the first time that artillery made the charge with the cavalry and fired on the enemy at the same time the charge took place.  The battery depicted is Chew's Battery.


A Wet Day on the line.....

Bob and Betty The Lintons Jon and Traci  
Nancy and Ann Marie A wet team!    


Other Pics...
Fall 2008 - 118th National Fall 2008 - 118th National Fall 2008 - 118th National - Our new sign for the campsite.  Thanks to Sarah Hartzell for making it.  The sign is awesome!!  
Our colors... ain't they pretty?  Thanks to Connie Bachman for making them! Marching in for 2nd phase Musket. Jon and his Yankee prisoner... errr, father at the Nationals. Fall 2002 National
The Punkin' Shoot Louisburg, NC  Nov 2002 Jon on the Line Jon Firing Harry and Pop
Mikey Harry, Pop, Jon, and Nancy on the Line Jim, Robert, Mike

Jon Breaking Yet Another Target

(You can get away with saying that when you run the website!)


Spring Nationals 2006 Smoothbore Team...

Jon Harry Harry and Pop Jon and Mikey
Harry and Pop Jon and Mike    

More Pics...

Ann Marie and Dana Dana and Pop Harry striking a pose  
Soup's on! Dana looking confused as usual Connie, Dana, Jim, Jon Ann Marie going back for seconds (or thirds)!