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R. Preston Chew's Battery, ANV
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The following links are listed for your convenience. In no way, either implicitly or explicitly, does R. Preston Chew’s Battery, ANV endorse, or claim responsibility for, the content of any of the sites listed on this page or linked from anywhere within our site.


R. Preston Chew's Battery, ANV extends our heartfelt thanks to Tom Kuhn and the Camp Chase Fifes & Drums for granting us permission to use their music on our site.  Unfortunately, the music files dramatically slowed the load time of our pages and, after several  valiant attempts to compress the files, we were forced to abandon them.  However, as is the custom in the artillery, we buried them to keep them from falling into the hands of the enemy. 

Again, thanks to the Camp Chase Fifes & Drums!  Please visit their site for more information at...


Clip Art on this site taken with permission from...

Savage/Goodners Confederate Clip Art Page

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(Great source for uniforms and accessories)